Since 1966 we have opened the doors of our 10.000 square meters warehouse to attend to our customers with the same spirit of service and improvement. Our best visiting card is the task we have developed all along these years, and the daily effort and work have put us among the first service companies in Catalonia, Spain.

Being located in the industrial area of the free trade zone of Barcelona port, we can take advantage of all the possibilities of the big city, without its disadvantages, since the closeby roads and motorways put us within everybody's reach.

Our warehouse is made up of sheds 150 m long and 22,5 m wide with a maximum useful height of 7 m, equipped with overhead cranes from 3 to 15 MT capacity, and with fork lifts. Our situation and equipment give a tremendous capacity for loading and discharging operations of any sort of product.

Our 24 hour security service grants our warehouse a trustworthy protection, so that we have had no stealing and no dissappearance of goods since we started.

We are prepared to handle any operation of loading, discharging, packaging and transport on our facilities with specialized personnel, keeping as responsible as we have always been at all times.

We also have CUSTOMS BONDED WAREHOUSE status certified and granted by barcelona's customs authorities.